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 색채상표와 식별력

- 이효진 한국변호사 

– 색채상표의 등록요건으로서의 식별력에 관한 미국 연방항소법원의 판결 –

Overcoming Uncertainties Surrounding the On-Sale Bar

- Seongyoune Kang 

The America Invents Act has been in force for over 6 years but questions still linger about one of its key sections: 35 U.S.C. § 102.

Assertion of Small Entity or Micro Entity in Patent Applications

- Seongyoune Kang 

One of the things that a patent applicant can do for purposes of cost-saving is to check whether it can apply for a patent as a small entity.

미국에서는 ".com"과 결합된 보통명칭도 서비스표로 등록될 수 있을까? 

- 이효진 한국변호사 

– BOOKING.COM 서비스표 등록 허가 여부에 관한 미국 연방항소법원의 판결 –

Sean Kang Speaks at Dankook Univ. IP Center

- quantumpat      

Sean Kang served as a panelist at the "Collaboration and Challenges of Global Intellectual Property in the 4th Industrial Revolution" conference which took place on November 9, 2019 at the Dankook University Intellectual Property Education Center.

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