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New Office Action Deadline for Trademark Office Actions

Starting from December 3, 2022, trademark applicants will need to respond to an office action issued in a trademark application filed at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) within three months, instead of the current six months, of the office action. The new deadline will apply to office actions issued on or after December 3, 2022.

A single three-month extension of time will be available upon payment of a $125 fee. The request for an Extension of Time to File a Response must be received within three-month of the date of the office action and can be filed only if the response has not been filed.

The application will be abandoned if the above-described deadlines are not met. In such situations, applicants will need to file a petition to revive the application for a fee or to file an entirely new application.

Read the Federal Register on this issue here.

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